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What to Watch for on Day 7 – More Men’s Hockey & A Gold Medal Fight!

Patrick ChanWhat to Watch on Day 7! Day 6 was 14 events, today/tonight, thankfully only 9. First things first, the GOOD news!

Men’s Hockey & A Gold Medal Fight!
-7:00am: Men’s Figure Skating, Free Skate. It’s World Champion Patrick Chan vs Yuzuru Hanyu. It’s also Patrick Chan vs “the Canadian Curse.” 14 Canadian men before him were World Figure Skating Champions, 0 were Gold Medalists. Currently Chan is behind Hanyu by 4pts. It’s a skate for Gold! Go Patrick! (Oh and Kevin Reynolds is skating too)
-9:00am: Men’s Hockey (1-0) vs Austria (0-1). After today’s 3-1 showing against Norway, we should rout Austria. They lost to Finland 8-4 yesterday.

Outside Medal Shots
-10:00pm/3:30am: Men’s Super-Combined Downhill & Slalom. Morgan Pridy is the lone Canadian and has been middle of the pack through the training rounds but you never know.
-2:00am: Men’s 15km Cross-Country Classic. The 4 Canadians in the lineup are Graeme Killick, Devon KershawIvan Babikov, Alex Harvey)
-6:00am: Women’s 15km Biathlon. Chandra Crawford‘s sister, Rosanna Crawford, along with Megan ImrieZina Kocher & Megan Heinicke will do their best.
-7:40/8:50am: Women’s Skeleton, Runs 3 & 4. Sarah Reid is currently 8th but will need perfect runs and some slipups from the girls ahead to medal. Mellisa Hollingsworth, the 20 year veteran of the sport that plans on retiring after Sochi, is 16th. She was hoping leave with a medal (especially after Vancouver2010, when she fell from Silver to 5th on her final run)

-9:00pm: Our Men’s Curling team (3-2) vs Norway (3-1) and their funky pants! I’ll be watching for sure, purely because of their pants!
-4:30/6:00am: Men’s Skeleton, Runs 1 & 2. Two “newcomers” John “Brain” Fairbairn & Eric Neilson will defend our 2010 Gold Medal. Who DOESN’T remember Jon Montgomery‘s Gold Medal win and his pitcher of beer? Unfortunately he didn’t qualify high enough for Canada to bring a 3 man to Sochi. He apparently plans to retire.
-9:30am: Men’s Large Hill Ski Jumping. Matthew Rowley, Trevor Morrice, Dusty Korek & MacKenzie Boyd-Clowes will be hurtling through the air today but it’ll be at the same time as the Canada-Norway game so I doubt anyone will be watching.

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